Celebrating Summer Professional Learning

Educators Leadership Development Institute

The following participants in ELDI had an opportunity to network with future leaders in Christian education while learning about relational servant leadership and effective management and governance.

  • David Hossini, Nanaimo Christian School 
  •  Kim Kirkbride, Nanaimo Christian School 
  •  Marcus Todd, Surrey Christian School 
  •  Andrea Van Damme, Bulkley Valley Christian School, Smithers
  • Janet Van Hemert, Langley Christian School  

“Ultimately, ELDI gave me an eye-opening look into what administration in a Christian school entails. It provided me with a solid foundation and understanding to seriously consider administration in my future, and also the other ways I might benefit the community that I serve, both in the school and the town of Smithers.” Andrea Van Damme 

International Summer Grant Recipients

James Caswell, David Michel and Mary Kathryn Perrin from White Rock Christian Academy traveled to Indonesia, Hong Kong, and China. Their workshops focused on moving from teacher-centered to student-centered learning, using higher order questions in the classroom, making learning concepts connect into real life contexts and using rubrics effectively.

“In the case of my presentation, teachers reported students are not allowed to ask questions because it would imply disrespect to the teacher simply by the act of asking. Additionally…teachers wouldn’t encourage question asking because it would embarrass them to say they didn’t know an answer, or worse, that they might be wrong. Significant discussion was held…on the positive aspects of creating an acceptable culture in which to ask questions.  James Caswell

 Nadine Krikke, Roy and Jane van Eerden, from Credo Christian, Abbotsford Christian and Unity Christian School (respectively) and traveled to Zambia with EduDeo’s Discover and Learn program.