CSI Coverage for Professional Services Increased

Effective Sept 1, 2019, “Clinical Counsellor” was added to the list of covered practitioners in the CSI Benefits Plan. The dollar amount allowed per practitioner was also increased. Currently, a physician referral is required for a Clinical Counsellor. This will change in September 2020, when a referral will no longer be required. The definition of Clinical Counsellor is a specific license or credential of counsellor, including:

  • CCC - (Canadian Certified Counsellor)
  • MTC - (Master Therapeutic Counsellor)
  • RCC - (Registered Clinical Counsellor)
  • RCS - (Registered Counselling Supervisor)
  • RPC - (Registered Professional Counsellor)
  • RTC - (Registered Therapeutic Counsellor)

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 Photo by christopher lemercier on Unsplash