Interested in Pro-D in Africa this summer? - February 2019

Travel with EduDeo to Zambia – land of the majestic Victoria Falls and abundant wildlife. Let the rich culture and hospitality of the Zambian people captivate you. Explore the heart of Africa, and soak in its beauty as you interact with students and teachers. Be inspired by their stories of transformation because of Christ-centred education!

EduDeo Ministries has developed an exciting opportunity for Christian teachers in Canada to experience the global Christian school movement!  Through school visits, classroom observations, and interactions with teachers, students and community leaders, they will be impacted in their understanding and appreciation of the transformational power of Christ-centred education in Zambia. Professional educators from both Canada and Zambia will be able to interact with one another, learning from each other, and gaining a deeper appreciation for the craft of teaching. 

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Application deadline: March 1, 2019.

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