International Service Learning Grants Available this Summer

Two teachers from White Rock Christian Academy reflect on their experiences leading professional development initiatives in China and Indonesia recently:

“In Jakara and Pontianak, Indonesia, we worked with the Council of Christian Schools, a supporting organization that facilitates continued education and training for Christian teachers. I was reminded about the importance of being a Christian, educator, and learner in my own workspace in Canada; the opportunities for professional development we provide need to develop the whole teacher - Christian, educator, and learner. It was a privilege for me to help facilitate significant conversations about how to offer strong Christian education through the development of Christian teachers. 

-Kevin Mirchandani

“This January, I had the opportunity to represent White Rock Christian Academy in China and Indonesia doing teacher workshops…Our challenge with teachers there was to get them to think beyond the test and to focus on what kind of lifelong learners were being developed. Our workshops were designed to get them thinking about using strategies to teach content with a focus on learning skill development.” 

-Joel Slofstra

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