It’s That Time of Year Again - March 2019

Spring is around the corner and soon you may be asked to complete a form that indicates your intentions for employment for the coming new school year. This is the perfect time to review your contract and ensure you understand what it is you are signing up for! Your contract essentially defines the relationship between you as employee and the Board as employer. It outlines your employer’s contractual obligations to you, and your contractual obligations to them. This includes agreeing with the Foundational Documents such as the school’s Statement of Faith, and adhering to certain Community Standards. If you have questions about the agreements, or are considering a change in employment, it is important to discuss these with leadership as early as possible. 

Signing the Letter of Intention is an INTENTION (aim, or goal) to return. If you are considering not returning, your contract will outline the amount of notice required (normally 120 days or by April 1) to give to your employer. 

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