Executive Director's Message - February 2019

This school year, CEBC has seen an increase in requests to come alongside teachers and educational assistants and support them in heavy and difficult circumstances they find themselves in. Caring for members in times of distress and being invited to share in their stories is a humbling experience; it is our privilege to do so. Our hope is that as we wait together through the time that process takes, CEBC can help members understand that our circumstances don’t define us. We are God’s children, created and deeply loved by Him. No one is more sinful, nor more righteous, than the other. Each of us are fallen human beings, yet we do not need to lie in the fall. 

Incomprehensibly, we can look to God’s grace and allow ourselves to accept the powerful work He has done for us on the cross, dying a torturous death so that we may live. CEBC stands alongside hurting members. We are committed to ensure that each one receives the care and treatment they need during difficult times.    

Tricia Stobbe

Executive Director