Summer Learning Series: Tour of the Holy Land Trip to Israel

Developing an in-depth understanding of the biblical story in its original context of geographical, historical, and cultural settings by setting foot in the Land where God’s story unfolded. Immersing educators with an experiential course in order to equip participants to live out their role in God’s story in their personal and professional lives.

Participants on this trip were:

Mel Brandsma, King’s Christian School, Salmon Arm

Lana Dyck, Langley Christian School

Jamie McGougan, Powell River Christian School

Sally Schooten, Vancouver Christian School

Esther Tung, Vancouver Christian School

Roberta Wong, Powell River Christian School

Joy Yap, Vancouver Christian School


 “[The most valuable experience I had while touring Israel was]…Being able to experience the desert when it was so hot and seeing what it would’ve been like seeking refuge in those lonely mountain caves gave me a clearer understanding of David’s psalms. [As a Christian educator, the benefit of touring Israel was] to see the actual places and see evidence that the events, people and stories in the Bible are true. It was great to gain a more in depth knowledge of cultural practices and beliefs in the old and new testament and gain a clearer perspective on why things happened the way they did.” Joy Yap


 “[The biggest surprise for me on my trip was] how much walking and climbing we did…I also was surprised about the persecution of Palestinian Christians.  [My faith has changed as a result of my experience in that] I have fallen more in love with the God who loved me first.  [As a Christian educator, the benefit of touring Israel was] receiving greater cultural understanding and being able to physically see the land of the Bible.” Roberta Wong