Summer Learning Series: Warmland Path to Reconciliation

Helping Christian educators better understand a culture different than their own, but no less cherished by their Creator.  Participants heard stories of the local Coast Salish nation, while being introduced and immersed in the local indigenous culture, visiting with local artists and elders to hear the stories of the land and how it was used by the local indigenous population.

Participants were:

Marian Busfield, Vernon Christian School

Michelle Contant, Richmond Christian School 

Judy de Waal, Agassiz Christian School 

Deirdre Hawthorne, Pacific Christian School, Victoria 

Jenny Sanders, Richmond Christian School 

Amy Stromgren, Langley Christian School 

Sandy and Tom Veenstra, Duncan Christian School  

“Pathway to Reconciliation – what a fitting name for the experiences and events of the past week…Specifically, as we hiked several different times during the week, the name of this week became more and more meaningful. We are on a pathway. It is not a road. It is not paved and smooth. On our hikes, there were spots that were narrow and filled with roots and rocks to stumble over…There were times when we could walk in a group of three or four and times when we needed to go single file…All metaphors to what reconciliation is and will be. There will be tough sections and ups and downs, roots and rocks to stumble over and moments of moving forward and feeling the exhilaration of progress.Judy de Waal, Agassiz Christian School