Teacher Feature: David Hossini, Nanaimo Christian School - April 2019

My name is David Hossini. I am a middle school teacher at Nanaimo Christian School and I still have a lot to learn! I am blessed to work with such an incredible group of people here.

In March, I had the pleasure of travelling to Texas along with three awesome teachers from NCS for the Deeper Learning in Christian Education Conference put on by CACE (Center for the Advancement of Christian Education). It was one of the few conferences where we truly felt like we were with “our people.” Not only were we surrounded by fellow Christian teachers, but we were part of a group that was deeply committed to doing school in a more meaningful and real way. The keynote speaker, Ron Berger taught us about what it means to create “beautiful work” with our students - work that is of high quality, meaningful in its purpose, and engages them in the world around them. On day two, a group of students and teachers from Surrey Christian School gave us a powerful example of their beautiful work in Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve in Surrey.

Ron Berger emphasized that in adult life, few people are known or appreciated for their high school test scores. The things that truly matter are the quality of their character and the quality of their work. I want to provide my students with meaningful educational experiences, where they will be motivated to create beautiful, excellent work, so that they use their gifts to honour God by contributing to a better world.

I want to share a few links to videos detailing excellent student work. I ask you to watch just one of them to see examples of how engaging in meaningful work can result in something truly beautiful. Inspiring excellence - A study on Snakes (3:28), Crowns of Glory (6:42),and The Peacekeepers of Chicago (5:49). Then I’ll encourage you to search a little deeper if this kind of work sparked something for you.

Thank you for doing such incredible and valuable work!