We Want Your Great Ideas!

We are continually trying to ensure that our content at InspirED meets your professional development needs. Our keynote speaker this year is Mark Charles. He will challenge and affirm us on reconciliation and the Doctrine of Discovery. Please check out his welcome video available here.

We are grateful for the wonderful presentations of relevant, engaging and innovative educational practices and research by the many talented educators in our InspirED community. Once again, we would like to invite you to submit Workshop Session and Learning Lab applications for InspirED Convention 2019.

Our Convention will be organized around several strands: (1) First Nations, (2) Leadership, (3) Culture & Community, (4) Curriculum & Pedagogy, (5) Healthy Living & Mental Health, and (6) Assessment & Self-Reflection.

Workshop Sessions application:

Sessions A, B, and C are workshop sessions 75 minutes in length.

Find application here>>


Learning Labs application:

Session D is a Learning Lab session. There will be two 30 minute sessions or one 75 minute session. These

sessions will highlight and provide teachers with practical, kinesthetic-based teaching practices and

project-based learning.

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If you have any questions about these applications, please contact