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POSTPONED TO 2021: Experiencing Christ in the Classroom

Each teacher’s unique perspective, worldview and spiritual journey shapes how they interact with their students and world. Teaching “Christianly” involves so much more than leading devotions and attending chapel. Each teacher has a responsibility to design learning that can lead students into a place where they participate in experiences that grow their faith. Examining the choices we make as teachers, everything from our schedule to our classroom layout, will help us move from faith as an intellectual endeavor to faith as a way of being. New and veteran teachers alike will benefit from the hands-on, collaborative approach to professional development.

Begin with a week-long course from August 17-20, 2020 at Nanaimo Christian School. Connect with a community who will help you inquire, engage, reflect and refine your daily practice. Followed by regular conversation, collaboration and scheduled online touchpoint sessions as you implement these Biblical teaching practices. Finish with a culminating session from July 5-8, 2021, for reflection, the creation of a professional growth plan and a celebration of learning.

This eleven-month teacher professional development experience is endorsed by CPABC, CEBC and SCSBC. It has course equivalent status to two university-level Christian Perspectives courses, subject to your school board’s approval.

Dates: August 17-20, 2020

Location: Nanaimo Christian School

Cost: SCSBC member: $800
Non-member: $1000


Aug 17 - Aug 20, 2020

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