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Writing Opportunity for Music, Chapel and Classroom Teachers

Christian Educators Journal is soliciting submissions for the October 2024 issue, exploring the ways that music is taught, shared, and enjoyed in Christian schools.

Music teachers of all levels: What techniques are you using with your students right now that you love? How do you convince students to practice? Tell us a great story about a recent concert experience. Defend the teaching of classical music or pop music or anything in between.

Chapel leaders: What does your school’s worship time look like? What songs do students love to sing? How do you teach new songs to the student body?

Classroom teachers: How do you use music in your lessons? To set the mood? To bring a historical era to life? To help students memorize verb tenses or states of matter?

This issue welcomes narrative or personal pieces about the way music influences our lives and faith as well as practical, philosophical, or research-based articles.

Proposals due June 21, 2024 (informal—just send us an email explaining your idea). Articles due July 22, 2024.

For more information or to submit a proposal, please contact Editor Abby Zwart (at

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