Member Liaisons

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What is a Staff Liaison?

The role of the Staff Liaison is to serve as an active and on-going link between the work of CEBC and the needs and interests of their school’s CEBC members.

A school campus’ CEBC staff Liaison should be:

  • A “Full Member” of CEBC (teaching staff)
  • One of the staff’s Employee Relations Representatives
  • Committed to attending the InspirED Convention
  • Committed to attending the and CEBC Annual General Meeting

What is the role of the Staff Liaison?

  • Regularly engages staff on matters relating to CEBC
  • Stays informed and up-to-date with CEBC’s work
  • Promotes the benefits of CEBC membership to new and returning staff
  • Speaks on behalf of school based membership concerns at CEBC’s AGM
  • Effectively encourages staff to engage with CEBC’s Newsletter and website
  • Actively reads CEBC’s newsletters, highlighting relevant issues for staff
  • Keeps staff abreast of the on-going work of CEBC and the on-going benefits of membership

Shares the services of CEBC with staff:

  • Professional Networking Opportunities
  • Annual InspirED Convention
  • Mentorship Opportunities
  • Conflict Resolution, Facilitation and Mediation
  • Policy development
  • Professional Development Resources and Opportunities