A developing program for new and master educators

Christian Educators of BC is committed to supporting and strengthening early career educators who are new to the teaching profession, role, and Christian education community. Our goal is to develop a quality mentorship program that provides a research-based, sustainable system of support for teachers in the early years of their career throughout the province. The program will also facilitate the building of effective, learning-focused relationships between mentors and new teachers. If you are interested in being a part of this initiative, or would simply like more information, please contact the CEBC office.

Master Educators

Christian Educators of BC recognizes the many gifted educators who have been shaped by their unique educations, experiences, and passions. Some take on more prominent leadership roles, and some quietly serve amidst their school community. These master educators embody many of the following:

  • Understand the Biblical narrative and relate this to students in curriculum planning, instruction, and through authentic learning experiences
  • Have a mature Christian walk and nurture professional and caring relationships with students and colleagues
  • Source out engaging and relevant material for their own development, student use, and collaboration with colleagues
  • Tailor learning to individual and group needs, abilities, and interests
  • Bring relevance to students’ learning in engaging ways by encouraging students to tap into their personal interests and experiences
  • Allow learning to be directed by students, supporting them in their efforts
  • Ask thoughtful questions of students and colleagues to gain greater insight and ensure deeper learning is achieved
  • Redefine instruction so students learn more deeply
  • Create an environment of respect and positive rapport as well as a healthy culture of learning
  • Understand students’ needs and respond to them in appropriate and helpful ways
  • Create authentic, creative and student-centered learning environments
  • Ensure all students learn
  • Communicate clearly and accurately in age appropriate ways
  • Continually seek to learn and improve their teaching practice
  • Is a champion for their students