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Christian Educators of BC is committed to representing Christian teachers and support staff by bringing a presence and a voice to the arenas that impact their work life.

Committee Work

Compensation Committee CEBC seeks fair and equitable treatment for all teaching and support staff by participating in the development of the Compensation Report. The Report provides annual recommendations on salaries, wages, and employee benefits. To access the Compensation Report, please contact your administrative team.

Policy Development Committee CEBC assists Christian educators by shaping, reviewing, and recommending policies related to Christian education. Through this committee, CEBC also monitors government policies and regulations as they affect Christian educators, and alerts members to recommendations in that regard.

Convention Planning Committee Over 1100 Christian educators are brought together annually for the InspirED Convention. CEBC assists this committee by jointly organizing this convention with Northwest Christian Schools International. The goal is to provide Christian school teachers and support staff opportunities for personal, communal, spiritual and professional growth, and for ‘educators to educate educators’. CEBC helps identify, encourage, and enable gifted educators from member school to present workshops and hands on demonstrations for their own, and others’ professional growth.

If you would like to know how you can be involved in any of these committees, please contact the CEBC office.

Board Work

CEBC attends public BC Teachers' Council board meetings and reports out pertinent information regarding certification, teacher education programs, and standards for teaching to members.

Christian Schools Canada CEBC is directly tied to educators from Christian schools across Canada: the Prairie Center for Christian Education, Edvance, and the Society of Christian Schools in BC. Through collaboration on this Board, CEBC strives to strengthen, advance, and support Christian education in Canada, as well as represent and raise issues concerning Christian educators in BC.

Society of Christian Schools in BC CEBC is an active participant on the SCSBC Board of Directors, representing Christian teachers and support staff in BC. Through this board, CEBC aims to support and strengthen the learning, leadership, and educational communities involving Christian education, and advocates for Christian education through partnership with the Federation of Independent Schools in BC.