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About Christian Educators

Christian Educators of British Columbia (CEBC) is a service organization formed to support the varied needs of Christian teachers, and those serving in the fields of educational support, English language learning, early learning, and library services in communities across the province. We focus on promoting professional development, providing educational resources, advocating for our educators in matters employment issues and conflicts, and representing the educator's voice in decision making arenas across BC and Canada.

Christian education is at its best when all those involved in education allow creativity and educational leadership to flourish in a supportive, trusting environment. The CEBC facilitates this by actively building strong, collaborative relationships between our educators and those stakeholders outside of our organization.


Supporting and strengthening Christian educators so they can thrive in their practice.

Core Values
  • Integrity of practice
  • Nurturing community
  • Christ-centered service
  • Advocacy for our members

Board & Staff

Tricia Stobbe photo

Tricia Stobbe

Executive Director

Jaime Spyksma photo

Jaime Spyksma

Administrative Assistant

Jonathan Boone photo

Jonathan Boone

Chair, Northern Region

Marian Busfield photo

Marian Busfield

Treasurer, Okanagan Region

Karen Campbell- Wyder photo

Karen Campbell- Wyder

Secretary, Lower Mainland Region

Tracey Deringer photo

Tracey Deringer

Director, Vancouver Island Region

Janet Schaafsma photo

Janet Schaafsma

Director, Lower Mainland Region

Kristie Spyksma photo

Kristie Spyksma

Director, Lower Mainland Region

Paul Turkin photo

Paul Turkin

Vice Chair, Lower Mainland Region

Daniel Van Brugge photo

Daniel Van Brugge

Director, Lower Mainland Region