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CANCELLED - Haida Gwaii Experience : Reconciliation is the heart of the Gospel message

Reconciliation is the heart of the Gospel message.

The new BC curriculum incorporates Indigenous perspectives throughout K-12, with the goal of working towards a better relationship between all peoples. Come to Haida Gwaii in the summer of 2020 with other Christian educators and experience the rich Haida culture together.

Spend two full days in Gwaii Hanaas, meet Haida elders, visit ancient Haida village sites, and hike and explore the rainforest and the open beaches. Most of all, learn to see others, the world, your classroom and your Christian faith from a new perspective. Return to school ready to use this experience to work towards reconciliation in your own educational context. Open to CEBC members in SCSBC schools from across BC.

For more information, please contact Jonathan Boone at Applications due by April 30, 2020.

Dates: July 9-16, 2020 Cost: $1750.00

In partnership with SCSBC and CPABC

Jul 9 - Jul 16, 2020

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